Tips on getting the most from renting

These tips can help you get the most out renting our lovely Georgia executive home.

1) See yourself as actually living in this place. Own your experience. The mental difference between "passing through" and "becoming a part of place" makes a huge difference in your overall experience. This home for rent in Hampton Golf Village is the perfect location to call your own,and makes it easy to feel right and home, relax, and really have an experience to remember.

2) Try a variety of activities. Maybe you love to hike, and you can't wait to hit Blood Mountain, Canausauga River Trail, Jack's River, Slaughter Gap, Dockery Lake, and the multitude of truly magnificent trails nearby. But try at least one new thing--like kayaking the Chattahoochee or taking in some bluegrass or trout fishing at one of the many stocked lakes (all the state park lakes have stocked game fish in the spring, summer and fall).

3) Alternate connecting with disconnecting. Get into the local community. This home is located in a vibrant, established swim/tennis community. There's tennis leagues, swim leagues, basketball leagues, and golf buddies everywhere you look. Get involved--you won't regret it!